Inside Walt Mossberg’s gadget museum

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Walt Mossberg is retiring this year — he’s already written his last column, hosted his last Code Conference, and taped the final episode of Ctrl-Walt-Delete in front of a live audience in New York. But Walt’s also assembled an impressive collection of notable gadgets over his two-decade run as a reviewer and columnist, and we asked him to talk us through some of the more notable items as he cleared out of his office.

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Who’s Ready for the Big Game this Weekend?

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Besides the Atlanta Falcons and Lady Gaga, check out our favorite thing about the Super Bowl, the commercials.

Now it’s your turn to decide who the real MVP is. No, not between Matt Ryan and Tom Brady, we’re talking the top ad lineup. Check out some of the top teasers and leaked ads before anyone else does. Even if your team doesn’t win, these cheeky, playful commercials are sure to make watching the game worthwhile. Check them out:

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Pagination vs infinite scrolling

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We debate this all the time when we get a new website project. From a designer’s perspective, infinite scrolling can be very cool. However, it can be prohibitive from a user’s perspective and it’s never been quiet clear that the hidden content would be included in the index of the page (although I’m 98% positive it is indexed, based on what I’ve read and experienced with some of our sites).

Yoast provides some good insights on this debate and I like this solution:

One of the things that is always pup for discussion is how to add large blog archives or even homepages to your blog. This can be done in a number of ways. You can list a certain amount of blog posts and add and ‘Older’ link at the bottom of that list.

It doesn’t solve the debt around here (I’m looking at you, Elias), but it is a good compromise, albeit it’s not as cool as the traditional infinite scrolling effects.

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The Whole Wide World in VR – Google Announces Google Earth VR

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Who doesn’t love Google Earth? So why wouldn’t anyone be super excited about Google Earth in virtual reality? We’ve been using Google Cardboard, have started designing environments in Unity 3D, been taking 360° photographs with our RICOH Theta, and experimenting overall with immersive brand experiences. However, we don’t have an HTC Vive…yet.

After seeing the Google Earth VR experience, I think that may change soon.

Read the whole post over on Google’s blog.

Big News from Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Web Services, AWS, made a pretty huge announcement this week: Amazon QuickSight is now generally available for all customers. We’ve been developing our own analytics interfaces for reports, whether they be analytics, MySQL, or other forms of data, and there hasn’t really been a great solution to bring everything together into one place. It may only be a few hours since AWS made the announcement, but we’re really excited to be able to dive all the way into Amazon QuickSight to build out some dashboards that have been in our queue for a while.

And that’s not even the biggest news from this announcement. Check out the new TLD AWS scored for the QuickSight landing page:


WordPress REST API Development

Using the REST API & WordPress

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The REST API is finally integrated into WordPress’ core, but there’s still some mystery as to how to fully take advantage of it in real world projects (not just cool portfolio pieces). In this article, we’ll go over why the REST API an amazing new feature for projects. Check it out!

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Digital to Pass Local Ad Spend

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I don’t think anyone would be surprised by this news by now, but the spend on digital ads is projected to pass traditional ads in U.S. local markets by 2018.

Personally, I’m surprised spend on digital won’t pass traditional spend in local markets before then. I’m sure there are some outliers that will keep it from escalating faster, but it seems like everyone is going to digital.

We’ve seen a big jump in digital spend for almost all of our clients: national and local. It will be interesting to see the progression, and if AdAge updates their projections in a few months.

Read the full article over on AdAge.