Freddy Swan

Lessons to Elevate Your Healthcare Marketing to a Whole New Level.

Are you ready to shake up your current healthcare marketing? Buckle up as we embark on a wild yet effective journey, leaving the dull and conventional tactics behind. We’re breaking free from the chains of traditional healthcare marketing and swan-diving into the exciting world awaiting just outside of our industry. So, sit back, pop open a can of creativity and explore the lessons that await us.

When Competitors Zig, You Should Zag.
In a world where healthcare marketing can be very predictable, standing out from the competition is vital. So, instead of following the typical approach of partnering with celebrities or micro-influencers, think outside the box – the Barbie box for the state of Arizona partnered with Mattel to use Barbie as a travel and lifestyle influencer. And instead of your typical influencer campaign, they commemorated Barbie’s 60th birthday with an Arizona bucket list trip that showed off all the fun to be had in Sedona, Scottsdale, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon and, of course, the iconic Grand Canyon. The result? The campaign reached Barbie’s built-in 2 million followers worldwide and scored an impressive 425,000 engagements and 4.9 million Instagram impressions. Not to mention 6 TV segments and 40 articles resulting in $207,000 in publicity value. Utilizing unexpected strategies like this can capture your audience’s attention and create a memorable and successful campaign. And you thought we would talk about the Barbie movie, didn’t you?

Try New Things, Even if They’re Imperfect, and Embrace the Sparks.
Embracing new ideas and taking calculated risks can open doors to great success. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. For instance, “shoppertainment,” shopping plus entertainment, was once a novel concept. One that Brixton latched onto early to sell a new line of flatware during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This was their first time spearheading this kind of live content and after a lot of planning and troubleshooting, it was a huge success. The marketing moral? Be willing to try new things beyond your current scope. It doesn’t have to be perfect to be a hit.

Back to the Basics?
Visuals can have a major impact on campaigns. They can convey messages that words alone may struggle to achieve. To illustrate this point, consider the example of rallying public support against an out-of-state hauler bringing trash to a local landfill. Using a simple graphic that compared the amount of waste to the size of the Titanic, the campaign successfully conveyed the potential impact of the project on the community, asking one simple question: “Do you want this much trash going past your house each year?” Needless to say, the out-of-state hauler had to make a U-turn and ride off out of state.

As healthcare marketers, we can gain invaluable insights by studying successful campaigns from outside the healthcare industry. The lessons learned from brands around us can help us stand out in a crowded market, foster creativity and innovation, and communicate our messages more effectively. By daring to be different, embracing new ideas, and leveraging the power of visuals, we can create impactful healthcare campaigns that resonate with our audience.

At FredSwan, we’ll open your brand up to unconventional approaches, discovering new horizons in healthcare marketing success. Remember, the only limit is your imagination, and with the right strategies and creative, we can propel healthcare marketing to new heights.