Freddy Swan

The ins and outs of using ChatGPT for those who want to be in the know.

Hold onto your stethoscopes because we’re about to dive into the fascinating world of ChatGPT and how it can (potentially) make your life a whole lot easier. We all know artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking things up in every industry, and healthcare is no exception. But hey, let’s save the doom and gloom debate about the risks of AI for another day. Today, we’re all about understanding how ChatGPT will rock the healthcare industry, how you, as a savvy marketer, can harness its power, and how to set yourself up for some serious success.

What exactly is ChatGPT? (Asking for a friend.)

ChatGPT, short for “Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” is an advanced chatbot powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It uses machine-learning techniques to generate human-like responses to prompts or questions. This sophisticated AI tool has gained significant attention for its ability to understand and generate conversational text, making it a valuable asset in various industries, including healthcare. By leveraging large amounts of pre-existing data, ChatGPT can provide informative and contextually relevant responses, making it an exciting and powerful tool for communication and problem-solving. Give it a whirl.

Yes, this was written by ChatGPT. How could you tell?

Human-written version: ChatGPT is like having your very own chatty sidekick that sifts through content and spits out copy in a flash. But it may not be as engaging as you’d hope.

Time to see this puppy in action!

A real live, human copywriter: Where nurses find a home. And a new favorite latte.

Conclusion: AI still needs a human touch.

But it can help when you’re in the weeds. Imagine you’re knee-deep in healthcare research, trying to dig out some juicy trends and correlations from a massive mountain of data. Well, guess what? ChatGPT can zip through that data like a cheetah, giving you insights that would make Sherlock Holmes proud. And here’s the kicker: by filtering those insights through your brilliant human brain, you can turn them into actionable gold. (Read: you still have to do some hands-on-the-keyboard work to bring it home.)

Let’s talk about the big picture.

Machine learning unravels mind-blowing insights from colossal data sets that could revolutionize clinical research and improve care delivery. It’s a lot for even the largest of processors to process. And it’s why it is crucial to stay vigilant and recognize AI limitations. Machine learning and AI still face hurdles and may be subject to regulations in the future, similar to influencer marketing on social media platforms. Just like requirements for noting sponsored posts, we imagine articles and content authored by ChatGPT will have to be indicated as such. Or maybe they’ll just tuck it all nice and neat behind a gigantic paywall fortress. Only time will tell. And why’s it waiting? It could be that with every free trial, it’s quietly gathering intel, collecting human prompts and running sequences to make itself more capable and more independent. Or maybe it’s just enjoying a little summertime PTO.

Sure, ChatGPT is quick ‘n easy but it’s also impersonal ‘n stuffy.

At FredSwan, we understand the pros and cons of ChatGPT and AI in healthcare marketing. Even if you’re simply trying to spit out a paragraph of copy introducing a new practice location, you still need a human to prompt and direct ChatGPT. We speak robot, so we can get a clearer message that is more personalized, interesting and more on strategy. Let us help you navigate the evolving landscape of supercomputers and keep you in the land of plenty.