Join The Flock

As a full-service advertising agency, we employ people in every discipline – from Account and Creative to Digital and Media. With every department and position, you’ll have opportunities to lead and follow, guide and grow. Our ideal candidate is someone smart enough to have the big idea and humble enough to empty the trash – whether you’re emptying the bin at the office or recycling (and working) from home. We are not huge fans of hierarchy. We are big on collaboration, creativity and kindness.

Even if you’re not looking for a full-time role, we’re always looking for talented freelancers and contractors. So send us your info, and we’ll add you to our extended family.

Our Culture

Work. Play. Repeat.



You’re expected to do your part to get the work done. Work done? Let’s play ladder golf. Axe throwing anyone? Braves game? Here’s an idea. Go home.


Work here and you can work from anywhere. Sure we have a swanky office complete with a beer fridge. But it’s your choice whether to work from the office, your home or the Catskills.


Supporting your team is one of our core values. Our success is rooted in mutual respect for each other’s time, talent and workload.

Feels Good To Give

What cause are you passionate about? Just say the word, and all of FredSwan will mobilize in support. We’ll donate, contribute and volunteer for a feel-good, agency-wide event.


We’re pretty busy. And sometimes, it’s up to you to figure things out. So get up, go outside, and take a walk. Recharge. Then figure things out.

Curling Anyone?

Creativity here extends to monthly outings. From duckpin bowling and speakeasies to hot sauce tastings over Zoom, we believe in fostering a culture of comradery. Work hard, play harder.