Why FredSwan?

Be kind to others.

We take care of our clients. We take care of each other. It’s pretty much that simple. So if you’d like to work side-by-side with a talented group of people – folks who enjoy the process of creating exceptional work for clients who view us as an extension of their team – then we’d like to work with you. We have a few job opportunities available below. But just a few. People tend to like it around here.

Our Culture

Work. Play. Repeat.



You’re expected to do your part to get the work done. Work done? Let’s play ladder golf. Axe throwing anyone? Braves game? Here’s an idea. Go home.


Yes, we have a beer fridge. We also have really good snacks. Will beef jerky, clementines and peanut butter pretzels make you a better marketer? We think so.


Supporting your team is one of our core values. Our success is rooted in mutual respect for each other’s time, talent and workload.


We show our appreciation with food. To avoid the FredSwan Fifteen, you may want to consider your fitness regimen. Because we’re very appreciative.


We’re pretty busy. And sometimes, it’s up to you to figure things out. So get up, go outside, and take a walk. Recharge. Then figure things out.


Amazing careers for the taking.

As a full-service advertising agency, we employ people in every discipline – from Account and Creative to Digital and Media. With every department and position, you’ll have opportunities to lead and follow, guide and grow. Our ideal candidate is someone smart enough to have the big idea and humble enough to empty the dishwasher. We are not huge fans of hierarchy. We are big on collaboration, creativity and kindness.

We are looking for a multi-talented Digital Project Manager with experience in the day-to-day management and smooth operation of various digital projects, including large website builds, online tools, web applications and advertising campaigns. You should be methodical and have excellent time management skills. You need to be a highly effective communicator and organizer who can eliminate obstacles, maintain realistic views of complex digital initiatives and manage all processes involved.

We are looking for a talented designer with experience designing a variety of websites, both smaller sites and landing pages as well as large-scale sites with a lot of diverse content. You will work closely with the web development team. You will need to have experience designing mobile-friendly sites and have a working knowledge of HTML/CSS.

Exciting opportunity for a hungry, talented Art Director to work in a highly creative environment.  You will get to do great work on a wide range of clients on everything from traditional to digital.  You will have endless opportunities for professional development in a positive, fun environment with high earning potential based on performance.

We are looking for an experienced Account Manager to join our Healthcare Division. Position involves strategic direction, planning and execution on numerous accounts, including B2C and B2B facets. The candidate must be assertive and able to demonstrate initiative, leadership and strong follow-up skills. Must be a team player, working closely with others within the account management team as well as other agency departments. Responsibilities include establishing and maintaining customer relationships, participating in client meetings, making recommendations and managing projects from inception to execution.

We are looking for a hard-working, eager-to-learn Account Coordinator. This is an entry level position within the account management department, reporting to account manager/supervisor on multiple accounts, ranging from real estate and financial services to healthcare.

This is an exciting opportunity for a talented, hungry, we’re talking burning-fire-in-your-belly-kind-of-passion, junior copywriter to work in a highly creative and fast-paced environment. Responsibilities include developing strong, conceptual ideas for brands which span a wide range of business segments. The ideal candidate will have the beginnings of an excellent portfolio that demonstrates an ability to write effectively across multiple communications platforms and a keen eye for detail.

Frederick Swanston is seeking a highly motivated intern who is interested in learning more about and pursuing a career in the advertising field. The ideal candidate would be a recent college graduate or a current college student (upper classman), completing coursework where an internship is required. FS is a full-service agency, so you’ll have exposure to all facets of agency workings, from account management to creative development to media. However, the base of this position is in account management.