American Health Imaging

Multi-state Provider of Health Imaging Services


American Health Imaging (AHI) provides state-of-the-art health imaging services (MRIs, CT scans) with equal or superior quality to that offered by hospitals, and at a much lower cost. But AHI did not have a recognized brand name, so consumers needing high-end radiological services were not aware that AHI provided an option they would be wise to consider.


Targeting physicians and consumers in AHI's core Atlanta market as a starting point, we developed a brand strategy and awareness campaign to elevate the perception of American Health Imaging Centers among physicians and consumers in proximity of the company's Georgia locations. The campaign consisted of a new logo, collateral, television, radio, SEM and waiting-room videos.


Inquiries for MRI and CT fees and information have increased dramatically. Volume has increased significantly in all of the AHI centers in greater Atlanta.