Coffee Regional

Acute Care Community Hospital


A community hospital in a rural area, Coffee Regional Medical Center suffered from image problems that had lingered for years, resulting in significant outmigration to larger hospitals. Coffee Regional needed to take positive action to reaffirm to the community that the hospital is a valuable healthcare resource it cannot do without.


Our rebranding campaign consisting of television, print, out-of-home advertising and a brand brochure put an entirely fresh face on the hospital. In addition, redoubling the hospital's efforts to develop strong relationships in the community resulted in the core market area again perceiving Coffee Regional as the valuable resource that it is.


Over a two-year period:
Employee engagement scores went up 3% compared to national norms for similar-sized hospitals.
ER cases increased by 28% while ER patient satisfaction scores rose 2%.
Total cases increased by nearly 20% (inpatient and outpatient).