Kosair Children’s Hosptial

Kentucky's Only Free-standing Children's Hospital


Our assignment was to develop a campaign that demonstrated to suburban mothers that their children would receive the same high quality of care at Kosair Children's Medical Center – Brownsboro, (this facility is the first off-campus extension of Louisville's renowned Kosair Children’s Hospital) as they had come to expect from the main Kosair Children's.


Research indicated that it isn't enough for mothers to believe that a hospital or medical center provides great care for all children – they need to know the care is personalized to their own child. We developed a traditional and digital campaign that adapted Kosair Children's 'Just For Kids' positioning line to communicate that care is 'Just For Billy,' or 'Just For Scott.' In other words, just for your child.


Over a two-year period:
By mid-June of its first year, KCMC-B exceeded its projections for the entire year.
1,077 patients were treated.
162 total surgeries performed.
Surgery and outpatient volume equaled projections.
Radiology was 40% above projections.
Emergency department volume exceeded projections by 40%.