Norton Healthcare

Largest Healthcare System in Kentucky


As the largest hospital system in Louisville, Kentucky, Norton Healthcare enjoys an excellent overall reputation. But despite its overall outstanding reputation, research indicated Norton did not rank at the top in any of its key service lines: Cancer, Heart, Neurosciences or OB/GYN. With an ultimate goal of increasing its percentage of private pay patients, our assignment was to develop a campaign to improve perceptions in those key service lines.


Under the tagline “Real People, Remarkable Care,” we developed a campaign using real clinicians and patients that demonstrated remarkable care in specific service lines. The campaign has helped to make a greater emotional connection with Norton’s audience, while reinforcing the clinical excellence provided at all Norton Healthcare facilities.


After less than a year of the campaign, preference scores for Cancer, Heart, Neurosciences and OB/GYN are trending significantly upward toward our goal of a 10% improvement. The SEO and SEM effort generated 3.4 million impressions and 53,000 clicks in the first six months. The Facebook campaign resulted in an additional 34 million impressions and 4,400 clicks in six months.