Delta “Take Off: Why We Go”

By January 9, 201618vs80
Blog 18vs80 Delta Take off: Why We Go

Delta “Take Off: Why We Go”

Delta’s safety videos are known for being quirky and entertaining. I would have thought their advertisements would be the same way, but that is not the case. Maybe this commercial was made for the blind because the visuals aren’t appealing. This ad points out the “beauty” of flying as a modern form of travel while never pointing out why we should fly Delta. This is not any different from the millions of airlines out there doing the same thing… one star.

Watching an airport runway is not my idea of an effective ad. There must be a better way to enhance Delta’s brand and encourage all of us to rush out and buy the next Delta flight. Maybe the millions of miles I have flown with Delta and their consumer-friendly approach color my attitude, but unlike others, Delta has survived and prospered when other airlines have gone out of business. They should build their ads around the friendly staff, which is what sets them apart from other airlines.