Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl”

By February 2, 201518vs80

The Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” competition challenges fans to create 30 seconds advertisements in hopes of having their ad run during the Super Bowl. Graham and Tom watched all ten finalists, picked their favorite ad and told us what they really thought. Here are the results:

Manchild Advertisement

 Manchild” chosen by Graham, 18.

Graham: A middle-aged man acting like a toddler made it hard for me to keep a straight face. It’s funny because we’ve all seen tots raging in the corner, spamming their mom with the same question over and over while their body and entire room shakes. It got the message across that Doritos make you as happy as a four years old. This is definitely a commercial I can watch over and over again.

Tom: Graham’s pick Manchild was really shrewd. The grown man is acting like a child begging his “mommy” for the Doritos – just going crazy for Doritos. To get his wife (the mommy) to give him his Doritos, he goes through the tantrums that every parent has experienced with their kids. This guy is better at acting like a kid than any kid actor you could name – the guy deserves an Oscar and of course, a bag of Doritos.

Baby's First Word

 Baby’s First Word, chosen by Tom, 80.

Tom: Picking just one of these Doritos ads was tough. In fact, a majority of the Doritos ads were better than a lot of the commercials we see day in day out on TV now. I chose Baby’s First Word because as W.C. Fields – one of the greatest stand up comic of all time said, “Never get on stage with a kid – they’ll beat you for the audience attention every time.”

Graham: I though Baby’s First Word was very funny and entertaining. Every father wants his newborn to have their first words be “dada,” but this baby has other words in mind. I know exactly why Tom chose this ad as his favorite of the ten finalists. It’s because the baby. It seems that elders love babies because of all the joy they bring and they make them feel young again.