Big Lots! “Battle for Ultimate Cuteness”

By July 22, 201518vs80
Blog 18vs80 Big Lots! "Battle for Ultimate Cuteness"

Battle for Ultimate Cuteness: #TeamDoggies vs #TeamBabies

“Is This Thing On?”      “Hi There”       “Play It Again, Baby”       “Where In The World?”       “Your Move” 

1_5starsGraham5My vote before viewing these ads was for #TeamDoggies because I’m 18. I assume my grandfather was #TeamBabies even though he loves dogs and brings his dog everywhere. I was rooting for the doggies. The puppies where adorable and my favorite is a tie between “Play it Again, Baby” and “Your Move.” I love how uncooperative the dogs were while running around licking the babies and everything else they saw. These babies are very cute, but I am definitely a dog person because babies are cute when they are babies and not so much as they grow up. These ads are very entertaining and fun to watch. I’m #TeamDoggies.

1_5starsTom5All of these Big Lots commercials are very effective. The babies without the doggies would not be nearly as cute. Big Lots – by associating with these two all stars, babies and puppies – has hit a home run in this ad series. I challenge anyone watching these ads on TV to turn off the TV. I watched them two and three times, and that’s a record for me. I don’t know how they got the “stars” to perform as well as they did. Babies without dogs – not so good. Dogs without babies – not so good. But together, the fun is there and Big Lots gets the credit for producing the winning commercials. It was too close to call, I can’t pick a side!