FedEx “Bed & Breakfast”

By September 16, 201518vs80
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 FedEx – “Bed & Breakfast” 

1_5starsGraham5I love this ad! It is hilarious and makes so much sense. Why not open a Bed & Breakfast when times are tough? Just use FedEx, their rates are low and fast! My favorite part is the man requesting new towels and then saying the toilet is busted and then saying that those two things are related. I have never seen a FedEx commercial, but I am glad I saw this one because it was hilarious and I bet my grandfather will agree!
1_5starsTom3The FedEx commercial was sort of funny, but the ad was not as effective as it could have been. What is FedEx’s message and how did the ad relate to what FedEx was trying to portray? It didn’t. Using humor in commercials and ads can be effective, but it has to be handled carefully. I would have liked to hear exactly why small businesses should use FedEx, then I would have given this commercial 5-stars. 



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