Bill Swanston

In a crowded healthcare marketplace, break free from the crowd with originality and creativity.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been in a meeting and someone giving a marketing presentation said, “It’s time to put the customer at the center.” While true, it’s been said before. Quite a lot, actually. The line is a cliché – a phrase/opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. Of course, we’re all guilty of using a few clichés from time to time in our personal lives and that’s A-OK, but we should avoid them in advertising. From overused healthcare buzzwords to the ever-present stethoscope visual, let’s combat these common healthcare clichés with uncommon thought, specific examples and brilliant creative executions.

Copy, Paste, Delete
Never, ever copy your competitors. You can scroll through their sites and get the lay of the land, sure. But don’t revise and regurgitate what you find. Wordsmithing isn’t writing. Instead, take the time to comprehend the content and think of another, more interesting way to spin it. Even better, discover what’s missing from their messaging and hone in on that.

From Grossly Overused to Ah, That’s Better
X Qualified ✔ Oncology expertise
X Holistic approach ✔ Individually-focused treatment options
X Best in class ✔ Leading by example
X Cutting-edge research ✔ Data-driven, evidence-based results
X Innovative services ✔ Specialized care featuring state-of-the-art technology

If all else fails and you remember nothing else, remember this: CALL👏YOUR👏PATIENTS👏BY👏NAME. They are not ‘Patient X’ or ‘Patient #47’. They are human beings with real-life issues your audience will relate to. Give the face a name and make a lasting impression.